Skegness Raceway remaining 2020 events.
With the recent government changes in legislation/guidelines etc. We have reviewed our own covid-19 guidelines with our OWN HSO and  there will be a number of small changes before our next event on the 19th Sept. To add as before we are good to good and have completed all the covid-19 guidelines as required.
First all events will now be all tickets in advance, 19th & 20th Sept are now back online.
The 10th &11th Oct will be online soon. With possible changes we will release tickets approx. 2 weeks before each event.
People who enter via the pitgate with drivers do not need advance tickets, extras can be paid as per the last events.
All tickets will ensure a 100% track and trace. 
Masks remain as government guidelines inside yes (including under the grandstand) outside no.
There are a number of other updates that will be made public soon via our website
Thanks for your cooperation and understanding at this difficult time.