Drivers Info

2024 Fixtures, licences forms are now online, if you want to enquire about a race number please email or phone the office number no texts, we are only in the office part time over the winter. You will get a quicker reply via email


Only National Banger Licences are posted out, all others are ready to collect at your first meeting at Skegness
Please allow up to 14 days to process a licence, if you plan to race within that 14 days please just bring the forms and photos with you on race day.
Sorry licence forms and photos can't be done online or by email, thanks

We have a Drivers page on facebook where we also post info.

Race Bookings
Driver Booking are now open for March, 
April will open Mid March
Please read it all before booking, Thanks.
All drivers will need to rebook for all 2024 meetings
FAO Junior Rods if you want to race at Buxton you must book in via Skegness, thanks

3rd March - BriSCA F2, Rookie Bangers, GT Hotrods
17th March – BriSCA F2, Rookie Bangers, 1300 Saloons
29th March – BriSCA F2
31st March – Lady Rookie Bangers, GT Hotrods

Visiting formulas via your normal route
Drivers please note when booking we require
1- Date of event
2- Full Name
3- Formula 
4- Race Number
Advance Tickets can’t be used at the pitgate.
Please note some events there will be no access to the pits if you enter via the turnstiles. If you have friends and family that require pit access they must get wristbands form the pit office. Cash only.
Drivers Please book in on one of the below not all of them!
If a new/day licence please check your requested number is available before booking, thanks
text: 07798 868947 (TEXT RACE BOOKINGS ONLY no questions etc)
phone: 07881 021058 (calls only, no texts)
Via the Skegness Drivers Facebook via message.
If you don’t get a reply in a couple of days it means you aren’t booked and possibily booked via the wrong route or not all the required info, please check you book in the correct way.Thanks
We look forward to another great season here at Skegness Raceway

Race Day
Driver only comes to the pit office to sign in and collect wristbands for your team and pay for any extra.
For those that are licenced your log book will be ready to collect. For those that are planning to licence on the day, please remember photos and payment. We will have forms you can fill in but if you can print them at home and bring them filled in ready it will save a lot of time. Remember you can’t be scrutineered till you have signed in. Also you must sign in both days of a 2 day event.
Pay out in the bar at the end of the meeting.

Scrutineering takes place at the Caravan in the pits. YOU MUST SIGN IN BEFORE YOU CAR CAN BE SCRUTINEERED.
Please take your car to be scrutineered as soon as possible along with all your PPE, Log Book etc

Pit Safety
Please note there is no smoking in the pits. There is a strict 5mph speed limit in the pits for all Vehicles. Also no passengers in or on the car. The Pits isn’t a playground, no ball games, no bikes, scooters, quads (apart from officials) etc can be used in the pits.
Mobility Scooters, wheel chairs are allowed driven my people that require them.

When working under your car you must make sure it is supported by either a proper axle stand or with some wheels and not just left on a jack so if the car slips of the jack there is something to stop it causing a serious injury to whoever is underneath it. If a Hiab is used ensure part of the car is over the flatbed area of the lorry.

When drivers are working on their car in the pits they should be aware at all times that members of the public may be in the pit area, as well as other competitors, mechanics and members of their families. The driver should make sure that a member of their crew is responsible for ensuring no-one is placed in danger by their work. Members of the public should be at least 2 metres away when carrying out any mechanical work.
Normal Health and Safety rules apply within the Pit area. This particularly applies when mechanical equipment is being used like hiabs, stihl saws and welding equipment. Drivers must ensure that the people who are operating this equipment are fully qualified to do so and have the appropriate personal protective equipment such as goggles and footwear. The actions of the drivers crew remain their responsibility throughout the race day.
All fuel must be kept in sealed containers. Fuel should be stored in approved containers and well away from public areas. When re-fueling a vehicle, a second person must be present with a fire extinguisher. Extra care should be taken if the engine is still hot. Members of the public should be at least 2 metres back when re-fueling. 
It is an ORCi rule in all formulas that a fully operational Fire Extinguisher is kept with all tow vehicles and its position is known to all your pit crew. 
Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

2023 Car Spec/Rules
1300 Saloons, Rookie Bangers, GT Hotrods and Junior Rods are now online. Junior Rods now are split Vauxhalls or Nissans.
Any questions please contact a scrutineer, numbers below.

All 1300 Saloons and GT Hotrods that race at Skegness Raceway require to be fitted with an AMB Transponder. More details are on the rules for each formula. Please ensure you get the correct transponder. Karting ones no longer work, if buying an X2 transponder you must get the car one. Any questions please ask the office on 07881 021058 (no texts) or before you buy. We don't sell the transponders please visit

In all formulas (except adult Banger formula's, so our own 1300 Saloons, GT Hotrods, Junior Rods & Junior Bangers will need them ) drivers must have a RACEceiver device fitted, The RACEceiver device for Drivers is being mandated at ORCi tracks all over the country. This small communication device is revolutionising the industry, making the sport safer for both the drivers and officials. It saves time by allowing officials to talk to all the drivers at the same time and lets you get on to more racing. The officials can warn drivers about accidents or debris on the track and to ensure the correct driver is excluded should a black flag be needed.
There are available at many outlets on the internet, Some don't come with earphones, so may need to get a set of in-ear earphones with a 3.5mm plug. The channel to tune into is 952, any probs please get in touch. 
We won’t be stocking them in our Track Shop but they are available from a number of online suppliers.

For Scrutineering and Technical/rules questions please contact the Scrutineers direct. If you question is transponder related please contact the office as above, thanks.
Phil Sills 07542 359338.

All new 1300 Saloons, GT Hotrods & Junior Rods need a premeeting Scrutineering before they can race. There is a £25 charge for this payable to the Scrutineers on the day. 

Junior Drivers (11 to 15 year old)
There is both a written and a driving test for new drivers before they can race, please contact the office to book. This can't be done on a race day.
Tests will take place outwith School hours. There will be no tests over the winter break

Practice/Track Hire
No Practice will be available over the closed season, practice may restart mid Feb subject to weather and stadium work.