Great News we can confirm our first event back after Lockdown
Thursday 30th July 7.30pm with a summer special
Slingshot Monster Truck
1300 Saloons & GT Hotrods
Sat 1st Aug 6pm BriSCA F2, 2L Saloons, BriSCA V8 & National Minstox
Tues 4th Aug 7.30pm Broke FMX Motocross Freestyle Stunt team, National Ministox & Rookie Bangers (non honda mv)
Thurs 6th Aug 7.30pm Slingshot Monster Truck, 2L Saloons & Micro F2
All these events will be open to the public.
For driver infos click on drivers in the top bar.
We will run the first 4 meetings back as trial and if all goes well we plan to do all Tuesdays and Thursdays in August and the Bank Holidays

There will may be changes to Formulas etc listed earlier in the year
we are busy working on a full statement on how we are going to run events, ticket sales (not available as yet), social distancing etc.
Any questions please email or phone (no texts please)
Please bear with us and we will update as soon as we can! We have a lot to get ready.
We are so looking forward to getting back into action and seeing you all!
Stay Safe
Rob and Asha Speak